The Best Gaming Laptops For 2017

Hey, how’s it going guys? Today, we are going to take a look on best gaming laptops, and these are all budget options, so they are all around $1000. And yes, there are cheaper options out there, but these are the ones that I picked for (like) best overall value in a gaming laptop. Another thing to keep in mind, they’re all running a GTX 960M. And some cards are cheaper and weaker that can still play games.

Best Gaming Laptops For 2017

But to me, the 960M is (like) the minimum card that a new laptop can have right now for me to classify it as an actual gaming laptop. All right! Let’s do this. Ok, first up is the MSI GE62, it weighs 2.4 kilograms, has a metal top surface, but has plastic paneling on the bottom. Next, we have the Lenovo Y700, 2.6 kilograms. It’s the only device with metal top and bottom panels and has a cool pattern on those panels. The Dell Inspiron 7559, 2.7 kilos, it’s a pretty heavy laptop, but it has a beefy battery pack in there, and it’s got a soft touch finish on the surface. Next up is the Asus GL 552.So it’s 2.5 kilograms, metal top cover and a plastic finish everywhere else. It’s like a smooth plastic, not a soft touch. Lastly, the Acer V 15 Nitro comes in at 2.3 kilograms. It’s the lightest and thinnest of the group, and it’s the only one that doesn’t have red accent colors. So, like last time, I’m going to go through some categories and then give you my top pick and a runner upper or two. Alright, even if you’re buying a relatively inexpensive laptop, it has to last.

Lenovo Y700

So if it’s in the case in (like) really poor quality materials it’s going to bug me, like There’s a 15-inch laptop from Cleve I wanted to include it, because it’s got great specs for the price, but because of overall build quality, it didn’t make the cut. The Lenovo Y700 has a metal body, but I don’t love that hinges design, it’s had issues in the past, so the best build quality I would say is the Asus GL 552. It’s a mix of metal and plastic for the casing, but the hinge construction and the finish are excellent. The MSI GE62 is also built really well, but again all the devices here have really great build quality for the price. Now all of these are upgradable, they all have upgradeable RAM, m.2 storage, and a 2.5-inch storage.

Dell 7559- Gaming Laptop

The easiest to upgrade is the Dell 7559: single screw, and it’s easy to open. The rest are also straightforward to open but with a couple more screws. The MSI has the sticker that makes you think twice about opening it up, but YOLO, right? Now, I’ve actually heard that MSI should be cool with people opening it up for upgrades, but I m not a 100%.The hardest to improve is the Acer V15 Nitro, so it’s a little bit of a delicate process to get to the RAM, but it can still be done.

I hope you have enjoyed this article… will share the more stuff with you guys. keep in touch.

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