How To Use Technology As A Journalist

The way of journalism has been changed since the technology has revolutionized the world. Technology has almost changed the every aspect of life and also changed the working lifestyle. Similarly, the way of journalism has changed. Like nowadays, Reporters usually use the smart phones to cover the small events instead of bringing cameras at event place. Likewise, the journalist also uses the technology for the other purposes and in my today’s article, i am going to share the 5 major use of technology in journalism that you must use and big media giants such as BBC and Fox are already using it. So without consuming more time let’s move forward and find out the major uses of technology in journalism.

1. Use The Internet As A Research Tool

In the modern age of a journalism, a professional journalist uses the internet as the technology tools. They go outside cover the facts of the story but they also find the related facts and figures after searching the internet. The Internet helps them a lot to make their stories more authentic because you can find a lot of related material on the internet. For example, if you have to submit the story regarding the football world cup match in 2015, then you will find the related material from the internet and you will relate your story in the upcoming match. This is how internet technology helping the journalist.

2. Collect The Trends And Facts From Social Profiles

Social media is the fastest growing trends because it has covered the people from a different aspect of life. In the aspect of journalism, social media is also helping to find the trending events and facts. For example, if you are looking for the trending events you can check it simply from your twitter search option. When you will go for the hash tag you will see the all latest trending stories that will help you being a journalist to find the public opinion and the latest trending news.

3. Use Software’s To Develop Digital Story

In the modern era of technology, journalists also use the software’s to make their stories catchy. Like they use Photoshop to make their story images more attractive and if they want to make a video they use Photoshop premier software to edit and export the videos. This kind of software’s makes their stories more effective, attractive and catchy for the general audience.

4. Learn Journalism Through Technology

It’s not the old era where you need to go to an institute to learn something new. It’s the digital era of technology and you can learn everything while setting in a home and office. Just two things you have required 1st one is laptop and 2nd is the internet.
If you have these two things then you can learn anything such as journalism. The website like udemy provides the professionals’ courses regarding every expertise which experts are selling there. You just have to visit udemy if you want to learn journalism or find the interesting course and pay for it. When you will pay the course amount you will be able to download the course.

5. Publish Your Content On the Internet

If you are a journalist want to the recognition then you can also build your blog or website as per your interested niche. After building your niche related blog just publish your stories at your blog and promote it through the social platform such as Facebook, twitter and etc. This is the cheap and easiest way to become a renowned journalist. You can also build your online video portal if you don’t have big investment for the new channel.

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